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Hanako and the PretzelKarma system [userpic]
Oshare Curry - Asian Culture Social Network
by Hanako and the PretzelKarma system (fuctrack)
at October 14th, 2008 (06:34 pm)
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I know i've advertised before in many places about pocky-chan.info, but we've had a name change and a new look. And i know it's not always a good thing to cross-post this, but i wanted to share a network that is budding and is very cool. (And yes i'm the founder, and owner.)

you can accsess our new site at


Oshare Curry (Fashionable Curry) - Your Asian Culture Social Network

We offer: A forum, gallery and updates blog

[Oshare Curry is dedicated to being a very safe place for all people!]