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CJ Marsicano (CJマルシカノ) [userpic]
Introduction from a veteran J-pop blogger
by CJ Marsicano (CJマルシカノ) (cjmarsicano)
at September 21st, 2008 (10:30 pm)

Hey folks,

Since no one else introduced themselves to the community since Reiko made her first post, allow me to have the testicular fortitude to lead the charge (which is a hell of a lot better than some troll posting "FIRST!!!" at PunkNews.org or wherever).

My name is CJ Marsicano and I am a writer and former musician (I still play for pleasure but not with any groups since 1996 - it's hard to try to rock out like Black Flag when you're in a shitty redneck down that would rather copy Lynyrd Skynyrd). Some of you may have seen my posts about J-pop at Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyama between April of 2006 and August of this year, when I made that blog static and opened a different blog, The Groove Music Life, last month. I also run a worship blog for Reina Tanaka of Morning Musume entitled So Hot She Shits Fire. I am a strong advocate of having Japanese artists make their music more available to Western audiences, via both record labels and tours. I am presently trying to complete the first draft of a novel about Japanese idols called Here Is The Wonderland. I can also be found on MySpace, Facebook, Last.fm, Twitter, and Plurk.


Posted by: Hanako and the PretzelKarma system (fuctrack)
Posted at: September 24th, 2008 11:05 am (UTC)

Welcome! :)
You can find me on facebook too.. Hachiko Kaligawa, Reiko Mizuno

Pockychan is on Cyworld, Facebook, Livejournal and Myspace currently..
We're taking over the world!

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