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Hanako and the PretzelKarma system [userpic]
Pocky-Chan Makeover
by Hanako and the PretzelKarma system (fuctrack)
at October 3rd, 2008 (04:00 pm)

This will be cross posted everywhere so people can see.

POCKY CHAN DOT INFO is about to get a decent makeover.

I'm sick of the main site looking dull, and so boring.

The forums are getting a tweak, and everything else will look spankin' new hopefully soon.

The main site will have drupal taken down, and slowed to a halt and put in the trash
(GREAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE, but the theming is way too hard)

The main site will be coded with HTML/XHTML/CSS, and will feature brighter bolder eye catching colors with a mix of Jrock, Fashion, Anime and culture from all over asia!

The theme will change month to month or as i get time to change it.

If you want to help by finding graphics (like scans, etc) - just throw me a comment here!

www.pocky-chan.info wont go down main-site wise until everyone has been notified and things are nearing completion to fix.

Thanks so much for being there so far!