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This is the LJ group for the Social Network!

Welcome to Pocky Chan Dot Info

Our goal is to become the newest, and most well rounded but not trying to step on anyone's toes (whilst trying to be the best we can!) Social Network. We want to encompass anything we can, mostly Asian and Japanese culture of course, but it won't just stop there.

This is a good way to make new friends, and learn new things - or just plain look up fun and funny stuff! (OR to drool at Myv, Gackt or anyone else... Aiba hiroki or Araki Hirofumi maybe?)

Don't forget the ideas that started this - Friendster, Facebook, Flixster, Bebo, Myspace and many more commercial sites. And just like facebook and many others we're building from the ground UPWARD. Networking is just about that - NETWORKING. So we want you to Network with us!

Tell us all about your recent trip to see the Beijing Olympics, or your favorite chinese food takeaway shop on white bear ave in St paul MN, or your local fish and chip shop in britain!

Anything and everything you want to share with us we're proud to have you come on board!

See what i mean by different and new?

We are however looking for some programming web development and obviously some Web designing help . Drupal 6 is all CSS theming, so if anyone's interseted in helping please do!

I'm reworking this from the ground up, so as you can see we've had a lot of issues getting everything working. I'm trying to procure a few people like to help get this place working properly.

Let's give this a great big "GANBATTE NE!" and try and get this thing running by the end of the year!

The forums are up, there is a bug tracking system in place - and there's a gallery now. All three are seperate from the main page for now because because because!!! I can't see any reason to crash the main thign and reinstall everything from scratch again until i can sort things.

So join - Introduce yourself - and be a part of the founding group!